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Mera 2 years ago
Most days I'm pretty casual. I do like to wear nice clothes if I'm doing something other than errands. I wear what I think is cute and feels good to me. I would say my go-to are some nice fitting denim and a cute light-weight sweater or trendy blouse or at night I like wearing my moto-jackets and having a clutch purse.
Doutilar 2 years ago
Guzzle next time
Faeshakar 2 years ago
I'm all for polyamorous relationships, but if you've got yourself a mono situation and have to ask an advice column if you should cheat before getting married, you're not ready for marriage or even a monogamous relationship.
Talkree 2 years ago
Thank you. Is nice.
Narr 2 years ago
Nothing works. He just sent another message. LoL

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